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James O'Brien - The Whole Show
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James O'Brien - The Whole Show


Listen to James O'Brien's phone-in show, which will make you think - and possibly change your outlook on the big stories. Read more


What happens if Putin wins?

05/17/2024 02:20:46
Parasitic disease in south Devon

05/16/2024 02:23:01
What's it like to lose your job when you're middle class?

05/15/2024 02:30:17
How did cyclists become maligned?

05/14/2024 02:21:11
With obesity, is it cruel to be kind?

05/13/2024 02:20:05
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Our take on James O'Brien - The Whole Show podcast

James O'Brien is a British radio presenter, author, and former tabloid journalist. O'Brien is known for his unique thinking that changes how people perceive big stories. His podcasts discuss current affairs and real-life experiences and give his unbiased views on these topics. Listening to The Whole Show will encourage you to think differently about art, news, and politics. This is one show you wouldn't like to miss.

Producer: LBC
Host: James O'Brien
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 1126
Average duration: 140'
Frequency: Monday to Friday

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