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Letters From A Killer
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Letters From A Killer

Podimo UK

“Anyone can write to a prisoner on death row...” From the makers of the hit true-crime documentary series ‘I Am a Killer’ comes a gripping, immersive, and personal journey into the minds of murderers. Read more


15: False Prophet

07/15/2021 00:28:38
14: Ice Cream Killer

07/08/2021 00:22:37
13: Death Row Reform

07/01/2021 00:28:34
12: Overkill

06/24/2021 00:28:58
11: Whatever Makes You Happy

06/17/2021 00:26:11
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Our take on Letters From A Killer podcast

Letters From A Killer offers a rare glimpse into the minds of convicted murderers. Zoe Hines and Ned Parker go through intimate letters from death row inmates, providing an unfiltered perspective on their motives and crimes. Each episode immerses you in the stories behind killers like Richard Tabler, John Quinones, and Christopher Young. This thought-provoking podcast will leave you questioning the nature of evil and the human psyche.  Letters From A Killer is a true crime podcast by Podimo.

Producer: Podimo
Host: Zoe Hines and Ned Parker
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 16
Average duration: 28’
Frequency: Weekly

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