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What Came Next
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What Came Next

Broken Cycle Media

What happens after the experiences of true crime survivors have been shared with the world? Read more


79: [John-Michael Lander Hosts] WCN E1 & E13 Updates // Part 2

07/19/2024 00:32:59
78: [John-Michael Lander] Episode 22 Updates // Part 1

07/12/2024 00:30:15
77: [Vanessa Reiser] The Treachery of No Empathy

07/05/2024 00:33:38
76: [Holly K. Dunn] As Long as I Have My Voice

06/28/2024 00:39:15
75: [WCN Presents] SWW S11 E11 Updates

06/21/2024 00:34:01
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Our take on What Came Next podcast

Hosts Tiffany Reese and Amy B. Chesler do a great job in the true crime docuseries podcast, What Came Next. In each episode, you will listen to the firsthand accounts of true-crime survivors and their behind-the-scenes insights about what happened after their stories were shared with the world. In less than half an hour, they explore the impact of media on crime victims and their loved ones. And finally, did sharing their cases lead to justice? This podcast features cases such as Ron Schnackenberg, Terra Newell, Sarah Edmondson, and many more incredible survivors who join the discussion with Amy Chesler about What Came Next. What Came Next is a true crime podcast by What Came Next.

Broken Cycle Media
Tiffany Reese and Amy B. Chesler
United States
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