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Live Smart
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Live Smart

Niomi Smart

Online personality, Niomi Smart, has spent the last 10 years sharing her life online and has recently discovered a more holistic way of life while exploring Bali.In this brand new weekly podcast, Niomi invites you to join her while she reflects on her life and the lessons she's learned in love, wellness and spirituality, in a bid to help you live a fuller, more grounded life too. After hearing Niomi share her personal thoughts and musings, you'll then hear her responding to a listener dilemma in her 'If I Were You' advice segment. If you'd like to submit a question, send Niomi a direct message on Instagram @niomismart. Read more


Releasing Your Inner Child

06/21/2023 33:59
My toolkit to banish negative thoughts

06/14/2023 49:05
How I found love

06/07/2023 44:05
How I learnt to surrender

05/31/2023 33:10
Introducing: Live Smart

05/30/2023 1:02
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Our take on Live Smart podcast

Join Niomi Smart as she takes you on an enlightening trip into self-discovery and holistic living. With her weekly chats about love, wellness, and spirituality, Niomi injects new energy into every episode. She explores varied topics including overcoming negative thoughts, discovering love, learning to let go, and reconnecting with your inner child. Plus, her 'If I Were You' segment offers advice on listener dilemmas, making her podcast not just a listen but a conversation. Live Smart is a personal journals podcast by Niomi Smart.

Host: Niomi Smart
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 5
Average duration: 45'
Frequency: Weekly

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