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The witch has held a place firmly in our imagination for centuries - from whispered warnings in folklore to pop-culture driven heights. Read more


Introducing Witch

05/23/2023 00:03:04
1. The Spark in the Fire

05/30/2023 00:28:34
2. Natural Magic

05/30/2023 00:28:40
3. The Witches Well

05/30/2023 00:28:33
4. Enchanted Lands

05/30/2023 00:29:23
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Our take on Witch podcast

Witch is a compelling exploration of modern witchcraft. In each episode, India Rakusen (from 28ish Days Later) takes you from a Beltane ritual in Nottingham to covens in Scotland and Cornwall. She beautifully uncovers the layers of the witch identity today and the alluring mystique of communal rites. With a touching investigation into ageism and the historical targeting of older women during Europe's witch hunts, she brings to light past injustices that still echo today. Yet, the series also presents a critical eye toward the commercial aspects of the craft, questioning the ethics behind profiting from magic. Rakusen's approach is thought-provoking, offering a fresh view of a world shrouded in enchantment and mystery. Witch is a personal journals podcast by BBC Radio 4.

Producer: BBC
Host: India Rakusen
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 35
Average duration: 28'

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