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Memories from the Dance Floor
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Memories from the Dance Floor

Damian Kerlin

Memories from the Dance Floor is a docu-series celebrating LGBTQ+ venues and unravelling the forgotten history behind queer nightlife across the UK, as host, Damian Kerlin, dives into 20th century queer culture and the opening of iconic super clubs.Damian is joined by founders, artists, promoters and patrons to unpack the expressions of queer identity after dark, colourfully told by the community that lived it.Interviewees include Jeremy Norman, founder of Heaven, Ian Levine, Hi-NRG music producer and DJ, Amy Lame, London Night Czar and BBC 6 broadcaster and Jeremy Atherton Lin, author of Gay Bar: Why We Went Out as well as many more.You can find Memories from the Dance Floor from wherever you listen to your podcasts. Read more


But, gays just wanna have fun

06/26/2024 20:22
Pride has its definitions

06/19/2024 23:52
From Cardiff to Swansea and back again

06/12/2024 16:26
Growing up gay in Wales

06/05/2024 20:13
The Black Cap

02/15/2023 19:57
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Our take on Memories from the Dance Floor podcast

Memories from the Dance Floor is a documentary podcast by Damian Kerlin. Memories from the Dance Floor, hosted by Damian Kerlin, is like stepping into a time machine, taking you back to the heart of the UK's LGBTQ+ nightlife. From the iconic London clubs to the vibrant scenes in Wales, it's a journey filled with stories of freedom, joy, and the occasional challenge. The series doesn't just celebrate; it also reflects on the exclusivity issues of the past. It can be a bit rough around the edges, but it's real, raw, and incredibly moving.

Damian Kerlin
Damian Kerlin
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