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In the spirit of the last stanza of the Black National Anthem, we rise from the past, rooted deeply in the soil of ancestral struggles, to build a home, to claim our space. Read more


Do Black Dads Matter? | MiniPod

06/14/2024 00:23:46
What the Media Got Wrong About Hunter Biden

06/13/2024 01:01:31
Trump Justice for Everyone? | MiniPod

06/10/2024 00:18:51
I Beg Your Pardon?

06/06/2024 01:02:39
Is Donald Trump Going Down? | MiniPod

05/31/2024 00:08:46
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Our take on Native Land Pod podcast

Native Land Pod is a weekly show where hosts Angela Rye, Tiffany Cross, and Andrew Gillum offer a fresh take on politics. They connect the dots between the Black community and broader social issues while boldly reflecting on current events. Native Land Pod is a news commentary podcast by iHeartPodcasts.

Angela Rye, Tiffany Cross, and Andrew Gillum
United States
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joseph ferguson - 01/24/2024
As an African American senior, I've become extremely irritated when comments about white police killing black people, as Angela Rye said on a recent podcast, are made when the real problem is black people killing black people. National statistics, even including last year's, which Ms. Rye noted, reveal that white people killed by white police was greater than the number of black people killed by police plus the number of hispanic people killed by white police plus the number of asian people killed by white police plus the number of indigenous people killed by white police plus others killed by white police. Black people kill black people at rates more than 20 times that of white police killing black people. Despite this, you never hear black leaders or broadcasters ever mentioning these horrific figures, and we'll never see Sharpton or Crump visiting black mothers and fathers who've lost their children to this epidemic--not enough cameras for their liking. Obviously there are problems with policing that must be corrected and several cities are making that effort, however, we must never lose sight of the fact that it is black people killing black people that is the real problem. You should start a conversation about the real issue and why our black spokesmen never discuss it. As for the uncertainty Obama could be elected today, black people deliberately ignore that he did nothing that benefited us for his two terms. Even during the runup to Obamacare, which he takes credit for, he ignominiously failed to fight for universal coverage for all. No one mentions that if and when Obamacare law is fully implemented there will be almost 30 million Aericans without coverage. He expanded the war in Afghanistan when he could have decided not to; failed to direct banks to write off mortgages so millions of people, deceived by banks selling mortgages, could keep their homes, instead packaging them and letting investment companies package and make billions selling them as financial instruments; and never failing to excoriate black people at national black organization conferences--Urban League, NAACP, et al.--for failing to progress, but never mentioning the racism faced in trying to do so. His speeches were more disgraceful as he never spoke to other groups--hispanics, jews, asians--as he spoke to us. He never directed his EPA to take immediate steps to demand those companies poisoning black people in "Cancer Alley" in Alabama to cease the pollution they spewed. He and his presidency were nothing for black people to remember fondly. These are issues you should address in future podcasts to enlighten folks on these issues. I look forward to hearing them.

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