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Shot In The Dark
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Shot In The Dark

7NEWS Podcasts

A new podcast from the makers of the worldwide hit, The Lady Vanishes. Read more


11- Back to the Beginning

10/19/2023 00:41:43
10 - Justice for Gwen

04/16/2023 01:24:54
09 - Hidden Homicides

04/09/2023 01:07:20
08 - Searchlight

04/02/2023 01:03:56
07 - The Injustice System

03/26/2023 01:30:17
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Our take on Shot In The Dark podcast

Shot In The Dark is a new podcast from the creators of the critically acclaimed true-crime hit, The Lady Vanishes. This series explores the 40-year-old mystery surrounding the untimely death of Gwen Grover, a young mother whose body was discovered in her car. Despite the initial assumption that she had committed suicide, shocking new evidence suggests there may be more to the story. Shot In The Dark dives deep into the case, examines the clues, and pieces together the events leading up to Gwen's tragic demise. Each episode will reveal new information and offer fresh perspectives on this compelling and haunting story. Shot In The Dark is a true crime podcast by 7NEWS Podcasts.

Producer: 7NEWS Podcasts
Country: Australia
Episodes count: 11
Average duration: 60'

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