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The Lesser Dead
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The Lesser Dead

Wondery, Echoverse

THE LESSER DEAD is an immersive audio drama about a disparate group of vampires living in the wild-and-wooly world of 1978 New York City.  Our narrator Joey Peacock (Jack Kilmer) — an irreverent, eternally-young 19-year-old — introduces us to his unconventional family and its formidable leader, Margaret McMannis (Minnie Driver), who has built a home for all of them under the subways of the city. Read more


The Lesser Dead - Bonus Episode - The End?

08/01/2023 00:03:47
The Lesser Dead - Bonus Episode - Twists, Turns, and Soundscapes

08/01/2023 00:05:48
The Lesser Dead - Bonus Episode - Confronting the Past

08/01/2023 00:07:22
The Lesser Dead - Bonus Episode - Danny Huston as The Hessian

08/01/2023 00:04:23
The Lesser Dead - Bonus Episode - Vampire Kids!

08/01/2023 00:03:17
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Our take on The Lesser Dead podcast

The Lesser Dead will transport you to 1978 New York City, where you will meet a  crew of vampires. You will get acquainted with the series' main character, Joey Peacock (voiced by Jack Kilmer) — a cheeky, perpetually 19-year-old vampire — and his peculiar vampire family, especially their powerful matriarch, Margaret McMannis (Minnie Driver). However, when Joey stumbles upon a trio of child vampires, their world is suddenly thrust into chaos. The Lesser Dead is a drama podcast by Wondery | Echoverse.

Producer: Wondery
Host: Christopher Buehlman (writer), Dan Blank (director)
Country: United States
Episodes count: 18

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