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The Backstory with Andrew Neil
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The Backstory with Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil

A series of in-depth conversations from Britain's most forensic interviewer. Read more


Katharine Birbalsingh

07/04/2022 42:55
Kevin Rudd

06/27/2022 42:57
David Miliband

06/20/2022 42:34
Justin King

06/13/2022 39:47
Charles Moore

06/06/2022 40:51
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Our take on The Backstory with Andrew Neil podcast

Andrew Neil interviews the influential and powerful people of today. Every Tuesday, you can listen to the most exciting talks between one of the best interviewers of this time and his exciting guests. Suppose you don´t want to miss a thing about what is happening in the world, the reasons behind political events and what shapes reality. In that case, you should not miss an episode of The Backstory with Andrew Neil.

Host: Andrew Neil
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 12
Average duration: 45'
Frequency: Weekly

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