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Taking On Putin
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Taking On Putin

John Sweeney

The journalist John Sweeney has been on Vladimir Putin's case for 22 years since he first saw evidence of war crimes by the Russian army under Putin's command in Chechnya. Read more


13. Killer in the Kremlin

07/19/2022 50:36
12. At The Sharp End

07/08/2022 41:45
11. The Kremlin Patient

06/22/2022 42:41
10. How to Lose a War

06/15/2022 48:20
9. The Underpants Poisoner

05/26/2022 38:40
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Our take on Taking On Putin podcast

Taking on Putin is broadcasted right from Ukrain under the Russian invasion and questions what will be the consequences of it for the country and its civilians. This show also raises the question: Who is Putin? What are the intentions behind this move? John Sweeney has been following Putin's career, life and work for over 20 years. Throughout his work, he has observed horrendous crimes in Russia and worldwide at the hands of Putin. So what is he doing now? And what's next? If you love John Sweeney style, don´t miss Hunting Gislaine.

John Sweeney
United Kingdom
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