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The Cows Are Mad
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The Cows Are Mad


The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the weirdest things any of us has lived through. Read more


10. Zombie Deer

10/23/2023 00:15:20
9. Cow Eats Man

10/23/2023 00:14:59
8. Reaction

10/23/2023 00:14:53
7. Factor X

10/23/2023 00:15:03
6. Stray Burger

10/23/2023 00:15:25
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Our take on The Cows Are Mad podcast

The Cows Are Mad dives into the unsettling history of mad cow disease, a crisis that rattled communities before Covid-19 ever hit. Centered on a mysterious, deserted factory in Kent that processed cows suspected of infection, the podcast exposes its vital role during the BSE outbreak in the '80s and '90s. The place became a hotbed of local fears when human cases emerged. The podcast taps into the community's anxieties, especially as science still can't pinpoint the disease's origins or how it jumped to humans. It's a compelling listen that pairs well with mystery and real-life intrigue, leaving you considering unanswered questions. The Cows Are Mad is a natural sciences podcast by BBC Radio 4.

Producer: BBC
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 11

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