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Weird Walk
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Weird Walk

Weird Walk

Weird Walk is an audio ramble through the history and mysteries of the British Isles. Read more


Weird Walk with Charlie Cooper

12/01/2021 24:07
Weird Walk with Charlie Cooper (Teaser Trailer)

11/25/2021 0:56

Our take on Weird Walk podcast

Weird Walk explores the history and mysteries of the British Isles. Charlie Cooper has the right skills to adequately present the sacred sites, shared lore, and ancient tales of Britain. Cooper takes you on a weird walk that uses nostalgia to reconnect you to nature, Britain's past, and the foreseeable future.
About the host: Charlie Cooper is a writer, actor, model, and creator. He is famous mainly for his role as Lee Mucklowe in 'This Country', which he co-wrote and co-created and aired on BBC 3. Cooper won the best-scripted comedy award for This Country at the 2018 BAFTA Awards.

Producer: Weird Walk
Host: Charlie Cooper
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 2

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