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Think with Pinker
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Think with Pinker

BBC Radio 4

Professor Steven Pinker has spent his life thinking about thinking. Read more


Being right

02/03/2022 00:29:03
Headlines and trendlines

01/27/2022 00:28:49
Sentence first, verdict afterwards

01/20/2022 00:28:33
Nudges and noise

01/13/2022 00:28:58
Rational soothsaying

01/06/2022 00:29:04
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Our take on Think with Pinker podcast

Born in 1954, Professor Steven Pinker is an expert in the science of the mind. Having specialized in development linguistics, visual cognition, and the decline of human violence over time, the author goes back to these topics in his podcast, Think with Pinker. Think with Pinker podcast evolves around how the brain tricks on you or how you could get disadvantaged by the desire to win an argument. He also looks into what makes you concerned about the wrong things, how taboos instilled in your mind are setbacks, and several other topics surrounding the science of the mind. Pinker invites top world thinkers to his podcast, including big names such as Bill Gates. Do you want to understand yourself deeper? Then join Pinker's show for a more profound understanding of the human mind.

Producer: BBC
Host: Steven Pinker
Country: United States
Episodes count: 13
Average duration: 28 '
Frequency: Weekly

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