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The Rewild Podcast
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The Rewild Podcast

Rewilding Europe

Join James Shooter, host of The Rewild Podcast, as he travels across Europe discovering inspiring stories of rewilding across the continent. Read more


#13 - Southern Carpathians - Romania 🇷🇴

03/25/2024 44:15
#12 Central Apennines - Italy 🇮🇹

02/26/2024 48:49
#11 LIFE Lynx - Slovenia 🇸🇮

01/29/2024 46:15
#10 Velebit Mountains - Croatia 🇭🇷

11/30/2023 38:15
#9 Lille Vildmose - Denmark 🇩🇰

10/30/2023 42:32
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Our take on The Rewild Podcast

The Rewild Podcast takes you from the roaming wolves near Rome to Spain's thriving wild lands. Host James Shooter ties together the tales of wildlife, their homes, and how we affect their survival. Each episode is an engaging trip into nature's comeback, filled with stories of rewilding and the dedicated folks driving it. One episode at a time, Shooter chats with experts and locals, diving into rewilding's ups and downs, opening your eyes to the broader conservation world. The Rewild Podcast is a nature podcast by James Shooter.

Producer: Rewilding Europe
Host: James Shooter
Country: United States
Episodes count: 14
Average duration: 45'
Frequency: Monthly

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