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Ask a spaceman
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Ask a spaceman

Paul M. Sutter

What would happen if you fell into a black hole? Read more


AaS! 222: What is the Most Distant Thing We Can See?

04/16/2024 35:47
AaS! 221: Will Emergent Gravity Rewrite Physics?

04/02/2024 36:14
AaS! 220: Will Our Universe End in a Big Rip?

03/19/2024 39:51
AaS! 219: What's the Best Way to Defend Our Planet?

03/05/2024 41:44
AaS! 218: How Do We Know What the Milky Way Looks Like?

02/20/2024 39:57
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Our take on Ask a spaceman podcast

Ask a Spaceman is an astronomy podcast in which Physics Doctor Paul Sutter explains everything you want to know about the cosmos. In addition, he answers questions from listeners. Sutter knows how to break down complex topics, from the emergent gravity or the big rip to quasars or the fate of our universe. It's engaging, it's enlightening, and it's your ticket to understanding the cosmos. Physics Doctor Paul Sutter will help you understand how the cosmos works. Get ready to expand your mind.

Host: Paul M. Sutter
Country: United States
Episodes count: 228
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: Every two weeks

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