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Richard MacLean Smith

SEASON 07 WILL BEGIN FRIDAY JULY 28TH Unexplained is a haunting and unsettling bi-weekly podcast about strange and mysterious real life events that continue to evade explanation. Read more


Season 07 Episode 19: Homes Under the Hammer Horror

04/19/2024 00:30:01
Season 07 Episode 18: A Dance with Mr. Dee (Pt.4 of 4)

04/12/2024 00:33:18
Season 07 Episode 18: A Dance with Mr. Dee (Pt.3 of 4)

04/05/2024 00:30:14
Season 07 Episode 18: A Dance with Mr. Dee (Pt.2 of 4)

03/29/2024 00:32:48
Season 07 Episode 18: A Dance with Mr. Dee (Pt.1 of 4)

03/22/2024 00:30:08
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Our take on Unexplained podcast

From the deepest, darkest regions of the internet comes Unexplained, a new podcast about the strange and mysterious events that still need to be explained.
Every other week, Richard MacLean Smith takes listeners on a journey into the weird and wonderful world of the unexplained. He explores everything from supernatural sightings to extra-terrestrial encounters. With a mix of ideas, deep history, and spoken-word narrative, Unexplained is a Creepy but irresistible listen for anyone interested in the otherworldly. The bi-weekly episodes are not long but will leave you wondering what's real and unreal.

Host: Richard MacLean Smith
Country: United States
Episodes count: 313
Average duration: 25'
Frequency: Every two weeks

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