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Usual Disclaimer with Eleanor Neale
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Usual Disclaimer with Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale

I'm Eleanor Neale…you may know me already from my true crime Youtube channel…you may even be one of the many people asking for me to release it as a podcast…well, here it is! Read more


70: The "Rough Sex Defence” For MURDER: Grace Millane’s Tinder Date From Hell

04/16/2024 01:02:06
69: Murdered on Instagram Live by her Influencer Boyfriend

04/09/2024 00:56:55
68: Slaughtered by a Target Co-Worker in the Parking Lot: Killer Jailed For 100 YEARS

03/26/2024 00:34:16
67: Police Took SELFIES With Girls CORPSES: The Tragic Story Of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman

03/12/2024 01:21:29
66: The Bus Station Murder of Shirley Leach

02/28/2024 00:30:54
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Our take on Usual Disclaimer with Eleanor Neale podcast

Usual Disclaimer with Eleanor Neale explores the dark corners of human nature. Eleanor's captivating storytelling and deep research make this podcast truly stand out. Each weekly episode takes you on a chilling journey as she unravels the psychology behind these heinous acts. The blend of well-known and lesser-known cases keeps the content fresh and engaging.

Host: Eleanor Neale
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 71
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly

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