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Voices for Justice
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Voices for Justice

Voices for Justice Media

Voices for Justice is a true crime podcast hosted by Sarah Turney, sister of missing teen, Alissa Turney. Read more


Paula and Brandon Wade

04/18/2024 00:39:35
Sue, John, and Tina Sharp and Dana Wingate

04/12/2024 00:59:57
Stephanie Wasilishin Part 2

04/05/2024 00:45:46
Stephanie Wasilishin Part 1

03/28/2024 00:40:10
Courtney Holden

03/22/2024 00:35:38
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Our take on Voices for Justice podcast

Voices for Justice, hosted by Sarah Turney, shares bone-chilling stories and advocates for change. The host's connection to her missing sister, Alissa Turney, adds an emotional depth that sets it apart from other true crime podcasts. Cases like Haleigh Cummings and Kara Robinson Chamberlain are covered with thorough research and empathy. Each episode, around 40 minutes, culminates in a powerful call to action, inspiring listeners to be a voice for the victims. Updated weekly, Voices for Justice combines captivating storytelling with a mission for justice, making it a must-listen for true crime enthusiasts who want to make a difference. Voices for Justice is a true crime podcast by Sarah Turney.

Producer: Voices for Justice Media
Host: Sarah Turney
Country: United States
Episodes count: 195
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly

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