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What The Fraud?
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What The Fraud?


Join Thomas Taraniuk in hosting leading minds from the world of AI, fintech, crypto, iGaming, and more. Read more


Romance Fraud: How to spot it whilst online dating

Yesterday (04/24/2024) 29:52
Fintech Fraud: How It Happens, and How To Fight It

04/10/2024 25:54
Fraud in Gambling

03/27/2024 28:13
Are You Ready For AI-generated fraud?

03/13/2024 28:13
2024 Predictions with Peter ‘The Fraud Guy’ Taylor

02/28/2024 23:43
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Our take on What The Fraud? podcast

In this weekly podcast, Thomas Taraniuk takes us through the tricky world of digital fraud. It's a refreshing angle on online scams, with experts breaking down how they're shaking up different sectors. More than just pointing out issues, What The Fraud? also gives you tips to keep your businesses and your digital life safe in a time when AI is constantly evolving. Kicking off with episodes on the future of fraud and AI's influence, it turns complex discussions into practical takeaways. What The Fraud? is a technology podcast by Sumsub.

Producer: Sumsub
Host: Thomas Taraniuk
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 6
Average duration: 23'
Frequency: Weekly

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