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Mission Responsible
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Mission Responsible

RS DesignSpark

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Mission 6: Can we engineer our food to be better?

02/18/2024 37:19
Mission 5: Cleaning up the skies and space

02/18/2024 34:12
Mission 4: Working smart and living sustainably in the cities of the future

02/18/2024 38:36
Mission 3: Decoding the internet of skills

02/18/2024 37:30
Mission 2: Meet the engineers quietly fixing noise pollution

02/18/2024 39:14
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Our take on Mission Responsible podcast

Mission Responsible with Shini Somara and Simon Clark takes you through the world of sustainability in a six-part series. Every episode, lasting over half an hour, looks at different challenges, from tech waste to solutions for noise pollution. They don't just talk about issues; they explore real solutions that could change our cities, internet, and food. It's perfect for those curious about tech and green living. Mission Responsible is a technology podcast by RS DesignSpark.

Producer: RS DesignSpark
Host: Shini Somara and Simon Clark
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 7
Average duration: 37'
Frequency: Six episode series

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