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Alien Kidnap Club
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Alien Kidnap Club


Radio X’s Johnny Vaughan sits down with alleged alien abductees and asks the pressing question “ARE ALIENS REAL?” In a series of six exclusive interviews, Johnny is joined by abductees who claim alien contact has changed their lives forever, that they have been to the distant reaches of space and seen beings and places that we simply cannot imagine.Some of them believe they are aliens, that they are infinite and that they cannot die. Read more


6. Hilary Porter "They took a sharp instrument and started digging in my leg"

03/22/2023 42:27
5. Mike Oram "My real parents are out there, in space."

03/15/2023 44:02
4. Kate Thorvaldsen "It looked like a horror movie...the needles stuck in my ears"

03/08/2023 46:47
3. Hailee Young "It felt like my heart was going to explode...instant panic"

03/01/2023 37:01
2. Devara Thunderbeat "The centre of the sun isn't hot...millions of beings live in the centre of the sun"

02/22/2023 36:35
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Our take on Alien Kidnap Club podcast

Johnny Vaughan from Radio X interviews six alleged alien abductees in the Alien Kidnap Club. Through their exclusive and detailed accounts, the abductees recount how their experiences with extraterrestrial beings have transformed their lives, taking them to far-off galaxies and unimaginable places. As they share their stories, they also explore the age-old question: "Are aliens real?" Johnny shares his unexplained encounters, sparking intriguing discussions about the possibility of life beyond our planet. With a new episode released every Wednesday, "Alien Kidnap Club" is the perfect podcast to explore the mysteries of the universe. Alien Kidnap Club is a society & culture podcast by Global.

Producer: Global
Host: Johnny Vaughan
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 7
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly - Wednesdays

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