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At Your Leisure with Sue Perkins
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At Your Leisure with Sue Perkins

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At Your Leisure with Sue Perkins Thanks to The LEGO© Group, helping adults find their Joyful Focus.Sue is back with Season 2 of the podcast all about hobbies, pastimes, and passions.Sue sits down for 10 gloriously nostalgic chats with truly amazing and entertaining people. Read more


S2 Ep 10 - Munroe Bergdorf

02/06/2023 00:44:24
S2 EP9 - Kimberley Walsh

01/30/2023 00:44:16
S2 EP8 - Laura Hamilton

01/23/2023 00:46:07
S2 EP7 - Danny Jones

01/16/2023 00:49:44
S2 EP 6 - Yianni Charalambous

01/09/2023 00:47:51
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Our take on At Your Leisure with Sue Perkins podcast

What is that one thing you will do a million times without getting bored and repeat the following day with the same energy levels? Well, Sue Perkins is here to talk about all that in her podcast At Your Leisure with Sue Perkins. The show brings memories of the good old days. You get to be reminded of things that you loved doing with your friends, some of which became a source of income many years later or a source of motivation. To top it up, it’s always exciting to hear other listeners sharing how they discovered their passions and hobbies just weeks ago.

Producer: Global
Host: Sue Perkins
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 22
Average duration: 45 '
Frequency: Weekly

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