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Battleground: Ukraine
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Battleground: Ukraine

Goalhanger Podcasts

A history podcast that explores the narratives, turning points and characters that shape conflicts, encompassing a blend of social and military history. Read more


153. Battleground '44 - Sky Warriors

Yesterday (04/24/2024) 00:50:30
152. Is World War 3 on its way?

04/19/2024 00:33:46
151. Battleground 44' - Churchill

04/17/2024 00:29:15
150. Russia and China Strengthen their relationship

04/12/2024 00:49:42
149. Battleground 44' - Joseph Stalin

04/10/2024 00:36:01
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Our take on Battleground: Ukraine podcast

Battleground: Ukraine explores the stories, key events, and people that shape the current conflict in Ukraine, covering social and military history. Hosts Patrick Bishop and Saul David are best-selling military historians. In this pod, they show they are also great communicators.  Produced by Goalhanger Podcasts, each weekly episode is to be noticed. You will listen to about an hour of great audio content featuring interviews with expert guests.  Battleground: Ukraine is a history podcast by Goalhanger Podcasts.

Producer: Goalhanger Podcasts
Host: Patrick Bishop and Saul David
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 174
Average duration: 50’
Frequency: Weekly

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