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Better Known
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Better Known

Each week, a guest makes a series of recommendations of things which they think should be better known. Read more


Jonn Elledge

06/16/2024 00:29:54
Henry Oliver

06/09/2024 00:29:06
Jamaica Kincaid

06/02/2024 00:29:59
Caroline Eden returns

05/26/2024 00:29:08
Caroline Crampton

05/19/2024 00:30:08
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Our take on Better Known podcast

Better Known is a nicely crafted idea that can effortlessly catch your attention. As the name suggests, the podcast is the best destination for a series of recommendations. It may be a place, story, idea, encounter, or object. The show has been up and kicking since 2017, and to date, guests have been sharing the six valuable things they think should be better known to others. The show guest list includes Alexei Sayle, Alexandria Shulman, Dominic Sandbrook, Will Hutton, Emma Bridgewater, and Anand Menon. This show is a great space to learn several things, such as the different aspects of financial secrecy, tips to remember PIN numbers, and much more. The podcast is hosted by Ivan Wise, a charity director at Think Head. He has vast experience scaling new organizations and is passionate about volunteering, mental health and working with young sectors. In his show, he shows that he is a great talker and interviewer too.

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