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Courtside with Courtney
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Courtside with Courtney

Courtney Shields

Welcome to Courtside with Courtney, the podcast where we invite you to join the inner circle and snag a courtside seat for candid conversations with influencer, mom, and Dibs Beauty co-founder, Courtney Shields. Read more


A Glimpse Into The Male POV Pt. 1 With Ryan

Yesterday (07/18/2024) 46:59
Chatty Facetime, Confidence Tips, Mom Life, and Green & Red Flags

07/11/2024 34:05
Q&A - Love Bombing, The Shopping Olympics, and Exposing A Cheater

07/04/2024 32:16
Getting What You Want With Feminine Energy Part 2 With Allie

06/27/2024 37:48
Foreplay Starts With Good Morning

06/20/2024 46:31
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Our take on Courtside with Courtney podcast

Courtside with Courtney offers a genuine peek into Courtney Shields' world. As a mom, influencer, and entrepreneur, she tackles everything from beauty and business to personal trials, including grief and co-parenting. Known for her straightforward advice on TikTok, Courtney's podcast offers a more personal touch with heartfelt discussions with her close friends. Courtside with Courtney is a relationships podcast by Courtney Shields.

Courtney Shields
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