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DEAD Talks
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DEAD Talks

David Ferrugio

DEAD Talks w/ David Ferrugio engages with death a little differently. Read more


156 - One Fatal Mistake Took His Life | Dr. Brian Hoeflinger & Kevin Hoeflinger

05/13/2024 54:57
155 - Navigating Grief: How Men Can Handle Emotions | Miles Wood

05/06/2024 54:06
154 - Estate Planning Before You Die: Wills, Trusts & Probate | Kern Singh

04/29/2024 32:15
153 - Lyon Forever: How to live and die | Barbie Herron Conkling

04/22/2024 51:36
152 - How do you deal with Child Loss? | Shekinah Eliassen

04/15/2024 42:11
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Our take on DEAD Talks podcast

David Ferrugio narrates the most diverse death matters using a very different approach. The show throws away all the taboos around the topic and the caution associated with talking about death. David shares the experience of losing his father and encourages his listeners to do the same. Listen to talks about losing a loved one and ways to prepare for death. The Dead Talks show will have you torn between crying your heart out and cracking ribs. DEAD Talks is a society & culture podcast by David Ferrugio.

Producer: David Ferrugio
Host: David Ferrugio
Country: United States
Episodes count: 156
Average duration: 35'
Frequency: Weekly

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