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The Adrenaline Zone
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The Adrenaline Zone

Sandra Magnus and James "Sandy" Winnefeld

Most people spend their lives avoiding risk. Read more


Walking the Iron with John Steinmetz

01/25/2024 00:35:13
Defection Perfection with Olga Sheymov

01/18/2024 00:45:36
Saving Lifetimes with Dr. Mary Brandt

01/11/2024 00:36:37
Aviation Thrills, Chills, and Skills with Vicky Benzing

01/04/2024 00:36:26
Behind the Scenes with Santa

12/21/2023 00:23:50
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Our take on The Adrenaline Zone podcast

The Adrenaline Zone is an adrenaline-filled podcast designed to get your heart racing! Each episode features a different adventure story, ranging from extreme sports to the most dangerous jobs and risky enterprises. Hosted by two adrenaline junkies, they take you on a thrilling ride through the wild side of life and the fantastic stories that come with it. From skydiving to surfing, no topic is off-limits. So strap in and prepare for an action-packed journey through the World of adventure. The Adrenaline Zone is a self-improvement podcast by Sandra Magnus and James "Sandy" Winnefeld.

Producer: Sandra Magnus and James "Sandy" Winnefeld
Host: Sandra Magnus and James "Sandy" Winnefeld
Country: United States
Episodes count: 52
Average duration: 35’
Frequency: Weekly

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