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Everybody in the Pool
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Everybody in the Pool


Enough with the "problem porn." We all know the climate crisis is a big deal. Read more


Ep 48: Water, Water, Everywhere: Quicker, Easier Hydroelectric Power

05/16/2024 27:00
Ep 47: Daily Harvest CEO on Climate-Friendly Food and Organic Farming

05/09/2024 26:00
Episode 46: Ryan Panchadsaram on Tracking Progress to Net Zero by 2050

05/01/2024 33:13
Episode 45: Making Better Everything with Natural Materials

04/25/2024 29:08
Episode 44: Solving the Plastic Crisis with Seaweed

04/18/2024 36:15
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Our take on Everybody in the Pool podcast

Molly Wood, navigates the climate crisis through an invigorating lens of solutions, not problems, featuring stories of entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals trailblazing a new path for our planet. Everybody in the Pool doesn't just highlight the change, but it ignites a hopeful vision for a sustainable economy. Everybody in the Pool is an entrepreneurship podcast by Molly Wood.

Producer: Acast
Host: Molly Wood
Country: United States
Episodes count: 49
Average duration: 20'
Frequency: Weekly

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