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Best Seller Secrets
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Best Seller Secrets

Rob Kosberg

Welcome to the Best Seller Secrets podcast, where experts learn how to crush their business goals with a best selling book! Read more


The Ins and Outs of an Online Book Funnel (REPLAY)

08/29/2023 00:19:36
How to Sell More Books with a Book Funnel and Paid Advertising with Chris Benetti

08/22/2023 00:40:38
What It Really Means to Be a Bestselling Author

08/15/2023 00:10:58
How to Use a Crowdfunding Campaign to Sell Your Book!

08/08/2023 00:08:14
The Secret to Telling Irresistible Stories in Your Book

08/01/2023 00:10:15
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Our take on Best Seller Secrets podcast

Best Seller Secrets podcast will teach you how to become a successful author and leverage your book to achieve your business goals. Join host Rob Kosberg, a bestselling author himself, as he shares his wealth of knowledge on authority marketing and the transformative power of writing a book. With a solid track record, Rob has been featured on major media outlets and his insights are highly sought after. In each weekly episode, lasting around 10 to 15 minutes, you'll gain practical tips, strategies, and real-life case studies. Discover how to create captivating content, engage your ideal audience, and unlock the Million Dollar Author Formula. Best Seller Secrets is an entrepreneurship podcast by Rob Kosberg.

Rob Kosberg
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