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Good For Us
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Good For Us

Jonny Atkinson and Lewis Hiller

Join Jonny & Lewis every Wednesday to unpick the highs and lows of everyday life with the 'Feel Good' Podcast you never knew you needed. Read more


13: The one where you can play along too

05/12/2023 35:45
12: The Morning Breakfast Pod Show

05/03/2023 27:02
11: Probably the best one yet

04/26/2023 33:45
10: Better in a service station, than not at all

04/19/2023 23:57
9: Chocolate is actually good for you!

04/12/2023 27:40
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Our take on Good For Us podcast

Good for Us breaks down everyday life's good, bad, and ugly. Each Wednesday, Jonny Atkinson and Lewis Hiller for an unfiltered discussion on everything from the serious to the embarrassing. No question or dilemma is too big or small for these two hosts to tackle. This is the podcast for you to share your thoughts and feelings. Jonny and Lewis may not always have the answers, but they promise to give you their honest opinion. Their lemma is that if it's "Good for Us", it's likely to be good for you too. Good For Us is a relationships podcast by Jonny Atkinson & Lewis Hiller.

Host: Jonny Atkinson and Lewis Hiller
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 14
Average duration: 25'
Frequency: Weekly

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