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High Brow
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High Brow

Mina Le

High Brow is a chic podcast for cool girls and self-identified intellectuals. Read more


the oat milk industrial complex

12/06/2023 00:59:26
my priscilla (2023) review

11/22/2023 00:58:29
so no one wants to read anymore!

11/08/2023 00:57:49
cannibalism? and rural fantasies

10/25/2023 01:05:39
you should watch bad movies & not look at ratings

10/11/2023 01:07:10
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Our take on High Brow podcast

High Brow is a chic and intellectual podcast hosted by fashion historian and IMG model Mina Le. This engaging podcast, which is an extension of her popular Youtube channel, covers culture, fashion, and online trends. Every Wednesday, Mina leads you through various topics that resonate with the chronically online crowd, all while offering her unique perspective as a fashion insider. In the first episode, Mina and Dr. Katharina Vester discuss the messed-up history of dieting, which promises an exciting lineup. High Brow is a society & culture podcast by High Brow.

Host: Mina Le
Country: United States
Episodes count: 30
Frequency: Weekly

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