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History Extra podcast
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History Extra podcast

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The History Extra podcast brings you gripping stories from the past and fascinating historical conversations with the world's leading historical experts.     Produced by the team behind BBC History Magazine, History Extra is a free history podcast, with episodes released six times a week. Read more


Toilets through time | 1. Roman latrines

Yesterday (07/24/2024) 00:35:21
Assassinations that shaped US history

07/23/2024 00:33:01
Is democracy doomed? History behind the headlines

07/22/2024 00:41:11
Catherine of Braganza: the Merrie Monarch's forgotten queen

07/21/2024 00:41:21
The Spanish Inquisition: everything you wanted to know

07/20/2024 00:42:27
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Our take on History Extra podcast

You might or might not be familiar with BBC History Magazine. From the team behind the magazine comes the History Extra Podcast. History extra covers and brings all the incredible and unique historical facts and events to you. This podcast covers real-life historical events from the past and features interviews with some of the world's best historians. It has featured the likes of Richard J Aldrich, Rory Cormac, Natalie Livingstone, Michael Wood, Tracy Borman, Dan Jones, Tom Holland, Roger Luckhurst and Suzannah Lipscomb. Get to learn from the best on exciting topics such as queen Victoria's secret spy network, the role of Mao in Chinese history, the Beatles in the 60s and living in the middle ages.

Immediate Media
Ellie Cawthorne
United Kingdom
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5 times a week

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