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Past Present Future
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Past Present Future

David Runciman

Past Present Future is a bi-weekly History of Ideas podcast with David Runciman, host and creator of Talking Politics, exploring the history of ideas from politics to philosophy, culture to technology. David talks to historians, novelists, scientists and many others about where the most interesting ideas come from, what they mean, and why they matter.Ideas from the past, questions about the present, shaping the future. Brought to you in partnership with the London Review of Books.New episodes every Thursday and Sunday. Read more


UK General Elections: 1906

Yesterday (06/23/2024) 53:45
The Great Political Fictions: The Handmaid’s Tale

06/20/2024 53:24
The Great Political Fictions: Midnight’s Children

06/16/2024 54:05
The Great Political Fictions: Atlas Shrugged

06/13/2024 58:45
The Great Political Fictions: Mother Courage and Her Children

06/09/2024 53:55
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Our take on Past Present Future podcast

David Runciman explores the history of ideas across diverse areas like politics, philosophy, and technology. Each week, Runciman talks with a range of experts, shedding light on the origins of these influential ideas and their current relevance. The London Review of Books partnership backs the podcast's depth and credibility, making it an exciting journey into the past but also inviting us to think about present-day issues and their potential impact on our future. Past Present Future is a history podcast by David Runciman.

David Runciman
United Kingdom
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