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Should I Delete That?
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Should I Delete That?

Alex Light and Em Clarkson

In Should I Delete That?, Alex Light and Em Clarkson want to explore the nuance that is often left out of the polarising conversations that take place on social media. Read more


Em's Pregnancy (!!), Hyperemesis and the Awkward to End All Awkwards

07/21/2024 1:01:58
Is It Just Me: Why isn't my friend liking my posts?

07/17/2024 30:58
Lorna Luxe on marriage, eating disorder recovery & life on Instagram

07/14/2024 1:07:13
Is It Just Me: Am I supposed to be a natural girly?

07/10/2024 38:12
The Right to Lose Weight with Billie Bhatia

07/07/2024 1:01:45
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Our take on Should I Delete That? podcast

Should you delete that? Yes, that controversial text or tweet, should you delete it? Should I delete That? is a podcast that focuses on the subtle differences that occur as a matter of interpretation during social media 'wars', arguments and trends. With social media playing a pivotal role in almost every aspect of society, Alex Light and Em Clarkson explore the grey areas in conversations and the shame that some people might experience. The pair gives necessary information, and their opinions are relevant, honest and refreshing. But there's more, the topical chats are filled with constructive advice and the essential toolkit everyone should have in this social media age.

Alex Light and Em Clarkson
United Kingdom
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