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Teachers Off Duty
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Teachers Off Duty

Bored Teachers

Your favorite teacher-comedians from the Bored Teachers Comedy Tours sharing stories and experiences from the classroom and beyond, brought to you by Bored Teachers. Read more


S4 Ep35: Teacher Overstimulation is REAL!

Today (04/21/2024) 00:52:31
S4 Ep34: The Funniest PE Teacher Stories!!

04/14/2024 00:59:39
S4 Ep33: Food Fight! What Really Goes Down in the School Cafeteria! 🤢 🤣

04/07/2024 00:51:40
S4 Ep32: Stories from School Security Officers That Will Blow Your Mind! 🤯

03/31/2024 00:49:22
S4 Ep31: Incredible Admin Stories That Will Make You LOL 🤣

03/24/2024 00:49:00
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Our take on Teachers Off Duty podcast

Teachers off duty is a show where famous Bored Panda TikTok teachers share their experiences and stories about what happened inside the classroom. But this is not only a teacher's show but mostly a comedy one.
This hilarious podcast is a weekly show brought by Bored teachers. In this podcast, Briana Richardson, Ted Williams, Rebecca Rogers, and Lauran Woolley talk about classroom experiences and share stories about things that happened inside and beyond the classroom. Be prepared for a good laugh.

Producer: Bored Teachers
Host: Briana Richardson, Tell Williams, Rebecca Rogers, and Lauran Woolley
Country: United States
Episodes count: 134
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly

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