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The Big Switch
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The Big Switch

Melissa Lott

To slow climate change, we need to transform our homes, buildings, cars, and economy quickly. Read more


Part 5: The Battery Recycling Dilemma

03/27/2024 33:23
Part 4: The Great Battery Manufacturing Race

03/20/2024 45:53
Part 3: The High Stakes for Battery Ingredients

03/13/2024 40:11
Part 2: The Mining Conundrum For Critical Minerals

03/06/2024 38:12
Part 1: Are Batteries the New Oil?

02/28/2024 44:29
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Our take on The Big Switch podcast

Dr. Melissa Lott offers a deep dive into the pressing issue of climate change and the swift transformation needed in our energy systems. The Big Switch uniquely combines historical context, topical analysis, and current events to illuminate the road to climate solutions. The third season specifically examines Europe's energy predicament, provoked by Russia's attack on Ukraine and consequential energy supply shortages. It evaluates the impacts of these shocks on Poland and Germany's energy transitions, questioning if the crisis would accelerate or decelerate Europe's move towards clean energy and the implications for the globe. The Big Switch is an education podcast by Dr. Melissa Lott.

Producer: Melissa Lott
Host: Melissa Lott
Country: United States
Episodes count: 46
Average duration: 35'
Frequency: Monthly

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