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The Boy in the Woods
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The Boy in the Woods

BBC Radio 4

The Boy in the Woods, six-year-old Rikki Neave, had been strangled and left naked. Read more


Introducing The Boy in the Woods

09/05/2022 00:03:15
1. A Child is Missing

10/03/2022 00:19:53
2. A Body is Found

10/03/2022 00:19:11
3. The Prime Suspect

10/03/2022 00:21:54
4. The Interrogation

10/03/2022 00:30:25
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Our take on The Boy in the Woods podcast

The Boy in the Woods is a BBC crime podcast where Winfried Robinson puts the pieces of an unsolved murder puzzle together. Rikki Neave, a six-year-old boy, fell victim to a vicious murder, and for over 20 years, the killer hasn't been tracked down. This prompted Winifred, an award-winning journalist, to go undercover and uncover the truth behind his death.  Expect thrilling, frightening, heartbreaking, provoking, and exposing stories collected during police interviews in each episode. It's time to engage your investigative instincts and join Winifred as he tries to find justice for Rikki Neave and other vulnerable children. The Boy in the Woods is a personal journals podcast by BBC Radio 4.

Producer: BBC
Host: Winfried Robinson
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 23
Average duration: 27'
Frequency: Irregular

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