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Death of a Codebreaker
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Death of a Codebreaker


Dr Sian Williams investigates the story of the Welsh codebreaker whose naked body was found inside a bag in his bath. Read more


Death of a Codebreaker…. Coming soon

10/31/2023 00:02:02

Our take on Death of a Codebreaker podcast

In Death of a Codebreaker, Sian Williams cracks the enigmatic case of Gareth Williams, a gifted Welsh mathematician whose death in 2010 remains unsolved. Over six episodes, lasting less than half an hour, Williams and her team dig into the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Williams's body, discovered in a padlocked sports bag in his London flat. With no fingerprints and a myriad of theories from espionage to tragic accidents, the series probes the depths of a verdict that stops short of declaring unlawful killing. Death of a Codebreaker explores the intricacies of Gareth's intelligence work and revisits the evidence, engaging experts and key figures in a quest for truth. Death of a Codebreaker is a true crime podcast by BBC Radio Wales.

Producer: BBC
Host: Sian Williams
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 1
Average duration: 28'
Frequency: Six Part Series

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