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The Dream
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The Dream


From Little Everywhere and Pushkin Industries, and hosted by Jane Marie, comes the third season of The Dream. Read more


Selling the Dream

03/07/2024 00:27:45
Bonus 2: Caller Episode

12/13/2023 00:44:03
Bonus 1: Coaching or Culting?

12/06/2023 00:28:13
S3 E10: We Die The Way We Lived

11/01/2023 00:37:26
S3 E9: Coaching the Uncoachable

11/01/2023 00:32:31
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Our take on The Dream podcast

The Dream, hosted by Jane Marie, is back for Season 3, and it's a game-changer. After tackling pyramid schemes and wellness fads, now it's all about life coaches and self-help gurus. Are they the real deal or just selling dreams? The show digs deep but keeps it snappy with weekly 30-minute episodes. You'll start to wonder if these experts hold the keys to a better life or if we're all just being fooled. The Dream is a society & culture podcast by Pushkin Industries & Little Everywhere.

Producer: Pushkin
Host: Jane Marie
Country: United States
Episodes count: 43
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: Weekly

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