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Scarred for Life
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Scarred for Life

Andy Bush

Based upon the hit book series, host Andy Bush and authors Stephen Brotherstone and Dave Lawrence are joined by their guests to talk about the dark side of the 1970s and 80s (and, hopefully, heal some pop culture-related childhood traumas!)Find Andy Bush on Twitter (@bushontheradio) and Instagram (@andybushradio)Find Scarred For Life on Twitter (@ScarredForLife2), Facebook (Scarred For Life), Instagram and Threads (@scarredforlifebook) Hosted on Acast. Read more


Jim Howick

12/19/2023 1:02:56
Samira Ahmed

12/12/2023 56:25
Sir Ian Livingstone

12/05/2023 53:48
Rachel Fairburn

11/28/2023 1:09:20
Robin Ince

11/21/2023 1:04:24
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Our take on Scarred for Life podcast

Scarred for Life is like therapy for your pop culture traumas. Host Andy Bush teams up with authors Stephen Brotherstone and Dave Lawrence to unpack the darker corners of '70s and '80s pop culture. Every week, they and a guest explore those things that left a lasting—sometimes haunting—impression on them as kids. It's a compelling listen that not only revisits what scared us growing up but also explores how those fears have shaped us today. Definitely worth a listen if you're up for an emotional nostalgia trip. Andy Bush is a multi-talented media personality, best known for his afternoon slot on Absolute Radio. A Bristol native, he led the West Country's top commercial radio show for a decade. He also contributes writings and illustrations to the Huffington Post.

Producer: Andy Bush
Host: Andy Bush
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 15
Average duration: 60'
Frequency: Weekly

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