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The Greenhouse Podcast: People-first
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The Greenhouse Podcast: People-first

Greenhouse Software

People-first companies prioritize their people and foster a culture of hiring. Read more


People-first: featuring Brian Baker and Stephanie Kramer

06/29/2023 00:32:14
People-first: featuring Lars Minns and Steve Ehretsman

06/28/2023 00:32:25
People-first: featuring Edith Cooper, Jordan Taylor and Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri

06/21/2023 00:29:51
People-first: featuring Kenysha Bartee and Jamie Adasi

06/14/2023 00:30:35
People-first: featuring Jennifer Remling and Robyn Tombacher

06/07/2023 00:30:58
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Our take on The Greenhouse Podcast: People-first

The Greenhouse Podcast: People-first is a goldmine of inspiration for organizations aiming to put their employees first. Chief People Officer Donald Knight engages with individuals from visionary organizations, revealing how these corporations prioritize their workforce. Each episode highlights the vital role of diversity in fueling creativity and enhancing business results and innovation. But there is more: its potential for creating a positive social impact. In addition, you will learn practical strategies to foster a people-first approach within your own business. With prior seasons like "Talent Makers" and "Hiring Maturity," the series is an enriching source of strategic talent advice and fitting tips for your business operations. The Greenhouse Podcast: People-first is a careers podcast by Greenhouse Software.

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