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Dark Valley
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Dark Valley

Dark Valley is an investigative true crime series about 8 women who were brutally murdered by an unidentified serial killer. Read more


“48 Hours” Presents: My Life of Crime | Twisted Twins: Who Killed Heather DeWild?

11/13/2023 00:08:15
Debrief// PART 2 - Jennifer Amell , Jane Boroski, & Invisible Tears

11/03/2023 00:38:35
Debrief// PART 1 - Jennifer Amell , Jane Boroski, & Invisible Tears

11/03/2023 00:54:58
Chapter 12 | End at the Beginning

09/01/2023 01:02:17
Chapter 11 | In Memoriam

08/25/2023 01:03:54
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Dark Valley investigates the chilling murders of eight women by the still-unidentified Connecticut River Valley Killer. Jennifer Amell navigates these unsolved 1980s cases, interweaving survivor Jane Boroski's terrifying experience with new investigations into the victims' stories. Her conversations with the criminal profiler Dr. John Philpin and those personally affected make for compelling listening. Dark Valley is a true crime podcast by Crawlspace Media.

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