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OpenAI's Flirty New Assistant + Google Guts the Web + We Play HatGPT

05/17/2024 01:06:33
Meet Kevin’s A.I. Friends

05/10/2024 01:17:04
AI at Your Jobs + Hank Green Talks TikTok + Deepfake High School

05/03/2024 01:13:10
TikTok on the Clock + Tesla’s Flop Era + How NASA Fixed a ’70s-Era Space Computer

04/26/2024 01:11:20
The Music Episode

04/19/2024 01:02:32
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Our take on Sway podcast

Kara Swisher, the most feared though charismatic journalist in Silicon Valley, interviews different guests to investigate everything about the people of power in the United States. From Washington to Hollywood, New York or Silicon Valley, she will get to know about all of them. Every Monday and Thursday, Kara discusses with her guests how different relevant personalities could access top positions and the latest opinions they have made public to the world.

Producer: New York Times
Host: Kara Swisher
Country: United States
Episodes count: 85
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Mondays and Thursdays

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