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The Vanishing Point
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The Vanishing Point

Tenderfoot TV, Audacy

Six hundred thousand people are reported missing each year. Read more


MISSING: Survivalist & World Traveler

04/17/2024 00:03:07
Up and Vanished - S4E1: No Place Like Nome

03/18/2024 00:54:45
Up and Vanished Returns

03/01/2024 00:02:33
Introducing Truer Crime

12/22/2023 00:02:52
Bonus: He Goes And Gets People

12/20/2023 00:22:54
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Our take on The Vanishing Point podcast

The Vanishing Point is a can't-miss podcast that tackles real-life mysteries of missing people. The creators of Up and Vanished take you on a tour of specific places with a bad rep for vanishing acts. Right now, they focus on Hoopa, California. It's a beautiful spot, but it's got a spooky side—lots of unsolved missing-person stories. One episode at a time, Celisia Stanton digs up fresh info that'll keep you hooked. The Vanishing Point is a true crime podcast by Tenderfoot TV & Audacy.

Producer: Tenderfoot TV, Audacy
Host: Celisia Stanton
Country: United States
Episodes count: 13

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