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Ghost Story
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Ghost Story

Wondery, Pineapple Street Studios

Host Tristan Redman is a seasoned journalist who doesn’t believe in ghosts. Read more


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Today (05/22/2024) 00:01:14
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05/13/2024 00:04:22
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04/21/2024 00:07:01
Ghost Story Update: Burning Questions Answered | 8

12/21/2023 00:54:54
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12/14/2023 00:06:30
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Our take on Ghost Story podcast

For fans of mysteries and chills, Ghost Story is a must-listen. The host, Tristan Redman, isn't your typical believer in ghosts. He's a news person who becomes an unexpected detective, diving into his own past and his wife's family history. The twist? His old bedroom is near a house where something terrible happened in the 1930s. People say they've seen a faceless ghost there. Tristan starts asking hard questions, linking the haunting to an unsolved family murder. It's a suspenseful mix of real-life drama and eerie events that leaves you guessing what comes next. Ghost Story is a true crime podcast by Wondery | Pineapple Street Studios.

Producer: Wondery
Host: Tristan Redman
Country: United States
Episodes count: 13

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