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The Why Files. Operation: PODCAST
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The Why Files. Operation: PODCAST

The Why Files covers mysteries, myths and legends. Read more


553: Killer Patents & Secret Science Vol. 2 | Forbidden Medical Cures

06/10/2024 00:35:16
552: DEEP DIVE: The Moon is a Hollow Alien Spacecraft

06/09/2024 00:32:43
551: Giants of Malta | Evidence the Ancient Builders are Hiding Underground

06/03/2024 00:35:17
550: UNREDACTED: Hunting the Führer: Investigating the Rumors of Adolf Hitler's Survival

05/26/2024 00:42:01
549: Subliminal Warfare | Mind Control and Invisible Influence

05/21/2024 00:39:22
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Our take on The Why Files. Operation: PODCAST

If you love exploring science ideas, mysterious history, or odd happenings, check out The Why Files with Andrew Gentile. Each episode is over half an hour long and covers all sorts of exciting matters. You will listen to the most challenging stories, from modern things found in old places to the mysteries of Plum Island. Gentile packs each episode with fun facts and laughs, making these fascinating topics even more engaging. A fun ride through some of the more hidden parts of science and history. The Why Files. Operation: PODCAST is a documentary podcast by The Why Files.

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