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Tiny Acts of Bravery
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Tiny Acts of Bravery

Clover Stroud

What does being brave really mean? Read more


Rob Delaney

09/06/2023 59:05
Kimberley Wilson

08/30/2023 51:54
Rebecca Humphries

08/23/2023 58:03
Clarissa Ward

08/16/2023 53:47
Kate Rothschild

08/09/2023 54:51
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Our take on Tiny Acts of Bravery podcast

Clover Stroud's podcast brings together stories of courage and loss, sharing the bright side through the challenges. You will listen to Candice Brathwaite talk about growing through tough times and dealing with losing loved ones. In another episode, Clarissa Ward shares what it's like to face danger head-on and the strength found in fear. The season ends with Rob Delaney mixing tears with smiles as he opens up about the tragic loss of his son and the importance of talking openly about tough topics like death. Stroud connects these stories, showing us that we can find light and connection through sharing our hardest moments. Tiny Acts of Bravery is a personal journals podcast by Clover Stroud.

Producer: Clover Stroud
Host: Clover Stroud
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 11
Average duration: 60'
Frequency: Weekly

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Listener reviews

Laura Harper - 09/25/2023
Brilliant. Fascinating guests and Clover is a brave woman herself. Strong recommend.

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