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Who Made You the Boss?
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Who Made You the Boss?

Lindsey Epperly

This show delivers entrepreneurship strategies around imposter syndrome, burnout, and mental health. Read more


20. You’ll Never Believe What This Entrepreneur Did to Find Courage: Garrett Gravesen’s 197 Country Journey

06/19/2024 00:35:26
19. I Just Lost My Business - Now What? Tirzah Shirai on Resilience After Failure

06/12/2024 00:42:44
18. Why Hustling Alone Isn’t Enough: Erica Thomas’s Entrepreneurship Strategies for Networking

06/05/2024 00:45:47
17. How to Stop Negative Self Talk, Fast: Author Amy Shoenthal On Setbacks and Paths Forward

05/29/2024 00:42:36
16. How Absolutely Anyone Can Be a Servant Leader: Matthew Upchurch’s Guide to Human Connection

05/22/2024 00:39:56
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Our take on Who Made You the Boss? podcast

In Who Made You the Boss? Lindsey Epperly brings a refreshing take on the professional grind. As the CEO of Jetset World Travel, she talks with a diverse mix of entrepreneurs and thinkers like Amy Porterfield and Carlos Whittaker. They discuss real struggles, such as imposter syndrome and the art of letting go. It's an honest look at how challenges can morph into chances for growth, offering a great mix of reality and encouragement. Who Made You the Boss? is a business podcast by Lindsey Epperly.

Lindsey Epperly
United States
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