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The Hidden 20%
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The Hidden 20%

Ben Branson

The lightbulb, Willy Wonka, The Beatles & even the screen you’re reading this on would not exist without neurodivergent minds.Join Ben Branson (Autistic/ADHD), the visionary founder of Seedlip, as he sits down with great minds that think differently: from neurodivergent entrepreneurs & talented creatives to renowned authors, psychologists & experts. Read more


Tylan Grant: "I felt like an alien"

Yesterday (07/24/2024) 55:28
ADHD And Bipolar Disorder: Heston Blumenthal Opens Up [EXCLUSIVE]

07/17/2024 35:52
Matt Willis: “ADHD isn’t an excuse for horrible character flaws”

07/10/2024 1:03:10
Matt Willis: “ADHD isn’t an excuse for horrible character flaws”

07/10/2024 1:03:10
ADHD Diagnosis In Adulthood Explained Everything For Adam Reed

07/03/2024 49:03
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Our take on The Hidden 20% podcast

In The Hidden 20%, Ben Branson, an entrepreneur with a passion for non-alcoholic beverages and a personal connection to neurodiversity, invites us into conversations that celebrate the unique perspectives of neurodivergent people. With guests ranging from innovative thinkers to industry specialists, the podcast beams the important yet often overlooked contributions of those who think differently. It's a refreshing and necessary addition to understanding the diverse minds shaping our world. The Hidden 20% is a health & fitness podcast by Ben Branson.

Ben Branson
United Kingdom
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